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Full Human Resource Outsourcing

As companies continue to grow and succeed in today’s market, they need to look at a number of changing factors. From the shift in workers' generational needs and requirements and the changing landscape of employment laws, to the rising cost and overhead of being an employer; the continued complexity of running a business has put a large weight on many business owners. Tasked with doing more with less, human resource departments continue to operate lean and succeed in only managing basic day-to-day tasks.

Employco’s Onsite HR partners with companies to assist in transforming HR from overhead within a company to a revenue-generating department. By placing priority on areas of the business like onboarding, retention, employee engagement and proactive review processes, Employco has been able to help businesses drive productivity and truly impact the bottom line of their organization.

This solution is not for everyone and requires a considerable effort on the part of both the client and Employco. Those companies looking to dramatically change the dynamic of their organization and truly create a “Great Place to Work” environment will find the guidance given by Employco’s top HR team a welcome relief.

Human Capital Consulting Solutions:

  • Full HR evaluation and review with goal specific steps and a time-lined approach to the solutions
  • Dedicated onsite HR professionals with full time capacity
  • Full access to Employco’s back office for payroll, benefits, workers’ comp and unemployment
  • Dedicated project managers to assist with oversight and goals
  • Weekly and monthly project analytics and review meetings
  • Prioritized access to Employco's support team
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  • Day 1 Introductions
  • Training Programs
  • Employee Development
  • Mentor Programs
  • All Employee Tax Filings
  • Benefit Enrollment
  • Employment

  • Engagement Surveys
  • Sexual Harassment Training
  • Compensation Studies
  • Organization Structuring
  • Employee Reviews
  • Recognition Programs
  • Employee Portal
  • Exiting

  • Exit Surveys
  • COBRA Administration
  • Post Termination Follow-Up
  • Unemployment Administration
  • Legal Defense Benefits
  • 401(k) & Benefit Removal