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    Outsourcing your Human Resources to Employco is the perfect solution for companies of all sizes who are looking to drive productivity and truly impact the bottom line of their organization. As part of our large purchasing group, you can achieve greater control over employee costs and gain a competitive advantage in stabilizing your company’s future expenses.

Why Employco?

Full Service HR Solutions

Business owners and managers spend too much time dealing with payroll, benefits and compliance issues. Outsourcing these tasks to Employco's responsive team of experienced professionals makes good business sense. Employco USA acts as a scalable human resource infrastructure for the needs of any client regardless of size. Employco becomes the employer for administrative purposes while you retain control of your employees' activities as the work site employer.

Why Choose Us?


The solution works to benefit companies in 3 key areas:

Controlled Costs

  • Decreased healthcare premiums with access to powerful and ACA approved plans
  • Reduced Workers’ Compensation premiums with a pay-by-pay solution to ease cash flow
  • Business check-up tools to allow detailed assessment of overall labor overhead and opportunities for cost reduction
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Reduced Risks

Share the burden of employment with the experts – let Employco manage the risky side of the business leaving you to focus on your core competencies.

  • Minimized Workers’ Compensation exposure and liability
  • Decreased risk with effective insurance policies
  • Complete compliance with all federal, state and local regulations
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Increased Profits

Employco USA partners with your business, relieving you of the time consuming tasks of administration while helping to increase overall profitability.

  • Effective management of the employee life cycle: onboarding, retention, and termination
  • Applied HR programs to boost employee morale and productivity through engagement
  • Administrative efficiency, support and improved cash flow
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Our Services



Basic HR solutions for companies looking to offload the day-to-day tasks associated with employee administration.

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Scalable human resource solutions allow Employco USA to work with the demands of any size company. For those looking for a more robust approach to the problems of HR a full outsourcing solution is available.

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Employco helps you stay compliant and up-to-date with payroll outsourcing – effectively eliminating your need to process payroll in-house.

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Employee Benefits &


Cost controlled benefits & benefit administration designed to keep you competitive in your employee offerings without additional cost or workload.

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Helping to improve cash flow and ease the burden of the comp marketplace, Employco USA delivers a cost controlled workers’ compensation solution to your company at mitigated costs.

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Crain´s Chicago Business


Employco USA, Inc. was recognized in the following categories on the Crain's List of "Chicago's Largest Employers" for: "Local Employers" (#1) and "Largest Employers" (#12) with 7,798 local employees and 13,374 total full-time employees, respectively (Crain's estimate).

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Reduce Your Trade Show Labor Expenses
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Industry Statistics

  • Presidents of companies with fewer than 100 employees spend 40% of their time on tasks unrelated to business growth

    Entrepreneur Magazine 2011
  • Companies using one solution for all HR related functions saw an 18% savings per employee over multiple internal and external vendors

    Price Waterhouse Cooper 2012
  • On average, companies outsourcing their HR departments see an almost $500 per employee decrease in annual costs

  • Organizations with high employee engagement experience 19% higher than their competition


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